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Mobile Phone Repairs

We fix all brands of mobile phones if the required parts are available or can be ordered from our trusted suppliers. Majority of all phone repairs can be fixed while you wait and all our repairs come with 88 days warranty.

Screen Replacement

This is one of the major issues with mobile phones that we see everyday. If your phone's screen doesn't work or if it just looks cracked, bring it to INFINITE Phone Repairs and you will have it looking brand new in no time.

Liquid Damage

Mobile phones can become liquid damaged from humidity, sweat and from many other factors, and be aware that putting it in a bag of rice does not work and it will make it worse!
A liquid damaged device can become corroded in a short amount of time but a professional phone technician can eradicate this.
Please note that the quicker you bring your phone in, the better your chances to save that all-important data and the lower you're cost will be.

Charging Issues

The charging component on your mobile phone is one of the only exposed parts on the device, which means it can often be damaged by liquid and physical impact. With a skilled technician and a steady hand, charging issues can be rectified.

If you do not have access to your phone's battery, it does not mean that the battery cannot be replaced! If your battery dying out quickly, or has your phone suddenly stopped working, it might be a battery issue and our technicians can replace it in no time.

Battery Replacement | Speaker Issues

You play a music but you cannot hear the sound or it is too low?!  Someone calls you but there is no sound?! They can hear you on the phone but you cannot hear them?! These issues are related to speakers and can be fixed or replaced by our professional technicians.


If you can hear people, but they cannot hear you, If you are recording a sound or a video but it comes out as a blank file or a video with no sound, the microphone on your phone might be damaged. Bring your phone to us and we can sort out the issue.

Camera Issues

Camera is one of the most sensitive parts in your phone and they can get damaged easily.
Whether your display becomes blurry when taking a photo or the image is blanked out, the camera's lens is cratched or it does not focus properly, our technicians can take care of the issue and your phone will be fixed in no time.

Button Issues

In many smart phones, there aren’t many buttons. However, the buttons that are on the phone are highly important. Get your mobile phone operational again by bringing it to Infinite Phone Repairs and we will get your phone's button issue fixed.

Phone Unlocking Camera Issues

Infinite Phone Repairs is able to unlock many models of phones from most of the networks worldwide or if you have forgotten you lock code, please contact us for further info.

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